Welcome Consignors

We are glad you are interested in consigning at Pass It On! We ask everyone, whether you’ve consigned for 20 years or whether you are new to consigning, to thoroughly read about the ins and outs of consigning at Pass It On. As consigning takes effort and time and we have a limited number of spots at each sale, we want folks to honestly understand what they are getting into by registering. Don’t be intimidated by all the information!  And remember that you have a community of Pass It On folks ready to help answer questions as they arise.

Consignor Registration is closed! We have reached our maximum of 200 consignors for Spring 2019. Read about our wait list.

Sale Week Timeline for Consignors

Monday Consignment Drop-Off (also called Receiving) opens at 4PM and closes at 8PM.
Tuesday Consignment Drop-Off continues between 9AM and 8PM.
Wednesday Consignment Drop-Off finishes up between 9AM and 4PM.
Friday All items are sold at the price indicated on the tag.
Saturday All items are sold at 50% off the price indicated on the tag.

At Pass It On, we donate all unsold items as part of the sale’s ministry. We offer tax receipts for this purpose. Consignors may pull up to 10 items on Friday at 7PM and on Saturday between 11AM and 12noon. Consignors need to coordinate this with Vicki Smith.

Consigning fee

Consigning with Pass It On is affordable whether you are consigning a massive amount or just a few items. Consignors pay 10% of what they actually sell up to  a maximum fee of $8.


Consignor cut

Consignors receive 60% of the selling price of each item sold with your designated code.


Receiving a tax receipt

At consignor drop-off, we will have tax receipts available. See IRS Publication 561 on guidelines to determine the value of your donations or consult your tax advisor.


Receiving consigning check

All checks will be mailed within one month of the close of the sale.

Accepted items

  • Baby clothes
  • Children’s clothes
  • Maternity clothes (including nursing bras)
  • College and Sports Teams wear (Carolina, Clemson, Braves)
  • School and Scouting Uniforms
  • Boy’s boxers
  • Girls/teen camisoles and slips
  • Teen Clothes (including teen bras)
  • Children’s shoes
  • Teen shoes
Women’s accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Purses
  • Wallets
  • Scarves
Toys & Games:
  • Toy guns that are non-shooting or “soft bullet” guns like Nerf guns or water guns.
  • Dress-up clothing for play
  • Play kitchens
  • Dollhouses
  • Ride-on toys
  • Slides
  • Basketball goals
  • Bikes
Books & Media
  • Board
  • Chapter
  • Children’s
  • Parenting
  • Home-school books
  • DVD & BluRay (G & PG only)
  • Electronic and computer hardware & software appropriate for children and teens including gaming systems
Home Decor
  • Children’s bedding
  • Children’s Room decorations
  • Baby furniture
  • Cribs (manufactured after 2011)
  • Changing tables
  • Glider rockers
  • Kids’ furniture
  • Toddler beds
  • Bunk beds
  • Kid desks
  • Bookcases
Baby Gear
  • Bottles & Bibs
  • Cups & Plates
  • Diaper bags
  • Bouncy seats & Swings
  • High chairs
  • Pack-n-plays
  • Bathtubs
  • Strollers
  • Gates & Safety Items
  • Diaper pails
  • Babywearing gear

Not accepted

  • Used underwear (Boy’s boxers, girls/teen camisoles and slips, teen bras and nursing bras are accepted!)
  • Sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets (size newborn – size 12) which still have drawstrings that encircle the hood or neck.
  • Paintball guns
  • BB guns
  • Violent or inappropriate toys and games
Books & Media:
  • Books containing inappropriate subject matter or language
  • VHS Videos
  • Games with rating of T or M
  • DVDs of BluRay with rating of PG-13 or R
  • Cribs manufactured before 2011
  • Car seats or booster seats
  • Used pacifiers or bottle nipples
  • Breast pumps
  • Lotions or make-up (unless unopened Halloween Makeup)
  • Out of season items
  • Any items deemed unsafe, dated, or not fitting the mission of Pass It On.
  • Recalled Items

Selling furniture

We accept furniture that is specifically designed for babies, toddlers, children or teens. Items like bunk beds, toddler beds, changing tables, glider rockers, and cribs manufactured after 2011. We cannot accept basic furniture that could be used for a child or teen. Before loading furniture that might be in a gray area, please send photos of the items to Vicki for approval prior to drop off.

Consigning seasonally appropriate items

Pass It On Kidsignment Sale happens twice a year: Fall and Spring. Check the table below to make sure you are bringing seasonally appropriate clothing and items to the sale. Note that some items are listed as “maybe,” meaning that if there is room on the racks for these items, we will sell them.

Type of Clothing Spring Fall
Sandals & Flip flops Yes No
Lightweight clothing Yes No
Bathing suits Yes No
Pool toys Yes No
Life vests Yes No
Easter items Yes No
Sleeveless shirts & Tanks Yes Maybe
Shorts Yes Maybe
Short-sleeved shirts Yes Maybe
Capri pants Yes Maybe
Jackets Maybe Yes
Hoodies Maybe Yes
Jeans Maybe Yes
Long-sleeved shirts No Yes
Sweaters No Yes
Long pants No Yes
Boots No Yes
Heavy coats No Yes
Flannel, Corduroy, Wool No Yes
Halloween costumes No Yes
Christmas items No Yes

Seasonal Items & Space Constraints

Due to space constraints during Pass It On, if the racks get too full with items that are seasonably appropriate items, we may make the decision to pull out seasonally questionable items for the start of the sale. We will do our best to get all items back out on the floor. For example, at the Fall Sale, if the racks are overflowing, we may pull all short-sleeved items to make room for all the long-sleeved items. As the sale progresses and racks allow, we will add back the short-sleeved items on the floor.

No smoky, musty, or moldy smelling items

Please do not bring clothing and items that smell smoky, musty or moldy. As well, please do not bring items that smell of pets or have pet hair on them. Our receiving team are friendly and patient. do not put them (and you) in an awkward position by having to reject your items for consignment.

Choosing teen clothing to consign

Our Teen Section has seen a lot of growth and we are dedicated to make sure it remains a great place for teens to shop. If you plan on consigning teen clothing, please remember that Pass It On reserves the right to remove any teen items consigned that are considered less appealing to our teen shoppers. Before consigning an item, please ask yourself: “Who wore this item?” If the answer is an adult, please keep the item or consider donating it to Pass It On. We will make sure it goes to an adult in need!

Please also note that we reserve the right to remove any teen items that are inappropriate, violent, or immodest. For example, shorts should have an inseam of at least two inches.


Recall Information

The US Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) has a law called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act or CPSIA. This law was enacted to establish standards and safety requirements for children’s products.  This law applies to the resale of any recalled items as well as other general categories of children’s items. It is our obligation to make sure that the Pass It On Kidsignment Sale continues to be the best consignment sale in the area while we comply with the CPSC guidelines. We appreciate your help and cooperation in this matter.


Consignor Responsibilities for Recalled Items

It is the responsibility of every consignor to ensure that all items brought for consignment have no recalls issued on them. We have detailed “Recall Notebooks” that contain written guidelines from the CPSC and copies of many of the recalled items from their database. This Recall Notebook will be available during Sale week for both consignors and shoppers, as needed.

While we expect consignors to be diligent regarding recalled items to keep our sale items safe for children, ultimately, our shoppers acknowledge that they are purchasing used items and they are responsible for checking all items for recalls before use


Preparing clothing

  • All clothing must be securely hung on hangers. Use the tug test!
  • The hook of the hanger should face left; it will look like a question mark as you look at the item.
  • Hang pants, skirts, and shorts, using pants hangers or you can safety pin them to the top portion of a wire hanger (not the lower portion!)

Passing the tug test

Be sure all clothing on hangers passes the TUG TEST! Clothes should not fall off the hanger with a gentle hug. If your clothing doesn’t pass the tug test, please choose a different hanger or pin at the shoulder to attach it better. Remember, clothes on the floor, don’t sell!

Hanging multiple items on hanger

Only combine several items on the same hanger with one tag if they were purchased as a set. Meaning, they should be the same brand, size, coordinating color. We cannot allow multiple items of clothing to be priced as a group. For example, do not pin 3 pairs of pants together to be sold for one price.

Zippered bags for clothing

For any clothing items priced over $1, zippered bags can ONLY be used for boys’ boxers or teen bras.  Zippered bags can be used for smaller cloth items like socks, tights, onesies, infant hats, bibs, washcloths, etc but these MUST BE marked $1 and the bag should be taped shut.

Preparing shoes

To keep shoes from separating during the sale, use twist ties or cable ties to attach them together. If you can’t find a spot to attach them, you may use a large zippered bag only as a last resort. Do NOT use packaging tape on shoes! Shoes can be sold in original boxes with lids secured on the bottom and plastic wrap covering the top so that the shoes are visible.


Zippered bags for toys

Zippered bags are useful for toys with multiple parts. Be sure that the bag is large enough to have all items seen well in the bag. Secure the top of the bag with clear tape. Put the tag on the outside of the bag, with the tape only on the left side.

Preparing items with batteries

All battery-operated items must have working batteries. If you do not put working batteries in, write “as is” on the tag and the item must be priced at $1

Preparing jewelry

Each piece of jewelry must be in a separate zippered bag with the tag taped to the left side of the OUTSIDE of the bag. Tape the bag shut! Jewelry should be functional (no knots or broken clasps). The tag should indicate what type of jewelry it is and on necklaces, write short, medium, or long. If the jewelry is for children, please write children on the tag too.

Selling purses

For purses, we recommend stuffing them with newspaper or tissue paper to give them shape to stand on a table.

Counting Game Pieces

Please assess and count for all pieces in games, puzzles, and toys that have multiple pieces. On the tag, write either ALL PIECES INCLUDED or MISSING PIECES and indicate what is missing. Remember that if pieces are missing, the item should be marked as $1. All boxes must then be taped shut to make sure all pieces stay together.

Pricing guides

Pricing your items well and yet affordable can bring you a bigger check at the end of the sale. So, when pricing, consider:

  • What would you pay for this item for your own kids?
  • Is your price being influenced at all by any emotional attachment to it?

In general, we recommend consignors consider using the following tables as guidelines.

Pricing by Brand

Category Brands Retails for Recommended $
Bargain Brands Walmart; Target <$10 $1 – $4
Basic Brands Old Navy; Children’s Place $5 – $15 $3 – $6
Better Brands Gymboree; Gap $10 – $20 $4 – $10
Boutique Brands Boutique $20+ 25% – 35% retail

Pricing by Item Type

Item Excellent Condition Good Condition
Girl’s Sunday Dress $7 – $10 $5 – $6
Boy’s Suit $6 – $9 $4 – $5
Shirts $3 – $6 $2 – $3
Jeans/Pants $6 – $10 $2 – $5
Pajamas $3 – $4 $2 – $3
Pack & Plays $30 – $50 $10 – $30
High Chairs $30 – $50 $15 – $25
Cozy Coupe Car $15 – $20 $10 – $14
Play Kitchen $30 – $35 $10 – $30
Stroller $30 – $75 $10 – $30
Exersaucer $25 $10 – $20

Pricing shoes

  • Any shoes that are ripped, stained, well-worn, or dirty should be priced at $1.
  • Any shoes that are lightly worn or have tiny scuffs or stains should be priced at $2 or $3.
  • Shoes with no scuffs or stains of any kind can be priced at $4 or more.

Pricing Increments

Prices must be in one-dollar increments. For example, $3 or $4 works, but $3.50 does NOT work.

Pricing tips

Consider pricing your items very reasonably to provide affordability for all and to help make our sale a place with awesome deals that brings shopper back sale after sale. While the check at the end of the sale is great, remember that part of the sale is sharing our abundance with our neighbors!

Using the markdown system

We use a consideration markdown system at Pass It On. It is used consistently from marking your items at home through the consignor check-in process through the entire sale. If you would have priced your item at $5 or less if it did not have an imperfection, but you find that it does have something wrong, price it at $1. If you have an expensive item and you find it has an imperfection, price it at $1 if the item has major flaws like noticeable stains, rips, worn knees, missing buttons. If the expensive item has something that needs fixed to wear it well, like a hem coming out or if the item has a minor less noticeable problem, reduce the amount you would have priced it by an appropriate amount, depending on the severity of the problem.

Pricing grab bags of toys

Grab bags with miscellaneous toys can be priced for a maximum of $3 and must contain items for the same gender and age.


Pricing books

If a book is worth at least $1, price it individually. Any books grouped together must be marked $1, unless they are a complete set.

$1 Items

Our bargain room is one of Pass It On’s best kept secrets! Everything is $1 and the variety of clothing and items is impressive. If an article of clothing or item has an imperfection — a stain, missing pieces, slight discoloration — you should price it at $1. If you have a zippered bag of clothing items (socks, bibs, onesies), it should be marked $1.

Pricing Event T-shirts

All t-shirts with events or years on them must be marked $1. Example: Cooper River Bridge Run, 2016 or Millbrook Field Day or Costa Rica Mission Trip.


Selling Lamps

Lamps must be sold with a working light bulb to be sold for more than $1.

Anatomy of a tag


Tag placement

Tagging securely

It is super important to securely attach tags to all items with safety pins or packaging tape. We can only give credit to you for sales if the tag remains on the item during the sale.

Tagging markdowns

To note markdowns on your tags, note it in the top center of the tag, between prices. Write “price reduced due to _______” (example: rip in back hem, small spot on left arm). If possible, place a small piece of masking tape on the item where the imperfection is located.

Tagging movies & books

When tagging movies and books, place the tag on the back in an area that does not cover important information about the item.

Tagging scarves

On scarves, please pin the tag near one end, about ¼ of the way up, through one layer of cloth. Do not pin, tape, or hang them.

Tagging toys & items

Toys and items are tagged like clothing; however, instead of size, put a description of the items in the center of the tag.

Tag Musts

  • Tags should be on ONE COLOR (not pink) of medium weight paper.
  • If you use white paper, use on specific color of ink to write on all the tags (i.e. purple, red, orange, blue, etc.). 
  • Tags should be approximately 4.25” wide by 2.75” tall. Eight tags must fit on a piece of letter-sized paper.
  • Write prices in dollar increments without .00!

Tag Don’ts

  • Do not use multiple color tags, pink tags, or tags made on notebook paper.
  • Do not scratch out mistakes or use white-out.
  • Nothing should be written on the back of the tag.

Preparing tags

You may prepare your tags on the computer using the tag template. Download the tag template in PDF format if you want to just print the template and fill it in by hand. Download the tag template in Word format if you would like to customize it by doing a “find & replace” to put your code in the bottom corners. Then you can further personalize by printing tags with different prices, saving you time and effort!

You may prepare your tags using neat handwriting. Be sure that 8 tags fit on a standard piece of paper (8.5″ x 11′).

Write anything that might help sell your item on the tag! Place this extra info in parentheses in the center of the tag under the size. Use phrases like: brand new, fits like a size 7, Ralph Lauren, original cost $50, etc!

Tagging clothes

  • All clothing must have a tag securely attached with a safety pin to the upper right corner of the garment (as you face it).
  • The safety pin must be horizontal in the top center of the tag.
  • Do not use small gold pins.
  • Use packing tape only if a safety pin would damage the item.

Tags for teen clothing

All teen tags must have FIVE bits of information:

  • TEEN
  • B or G (Boy or Girl)
  • Number size
  • Letter size
  • Brand

Remember, we only accept teen styles that are currently in fashion.

Check out our helpful Teen Sizing Charts to get your teen tag right!

Teen Boys’ Sizing Chart

Teen Girls’ Sizing Chart

Drop-off advice

If you have lots of items, feel free to bring them in stages during our drop-off times. For example, bring a load of stuff in on Monday, price more and then bring the rest in on Tuesday.

Separate $1 for Drop Off

Please sort and separate any clothing or items priced at $1 from those priced higher. These items will go into our $1 Bargain Room.

Grouping Items by Gender & Size for Drop Off

In order to expedite the receiving process, please sort items by gender and size at home before drop off. For example, group all hangers with boys size 4T together or all girls size 7 together. As items will be transferred several times between your home and the sale, please tie grouped hangers together with twine, yarn, bungee cords, or zip ties or use plastic bags to group like size and gender.

Bringing extra tags

Bring extra blank tags with your consignor code to drop off. This helps if anything needs to be repriced or if a tag is missing.

No smoky, musty, or moldy smelling items

Please do not bring clothing and items that smell smoky, musty or moldy. As well, please do not bring items that smell of pets or have pet hair on them. Our receiving team are friendly and patient. do not put them (and you) in an awkward position by having to reject your items for consignment.

Receiving a tax receipt

At consignor drop-off, we will have tax receipts available. See IRS Publication 561 on guidelines to determine the value of your donations or consult your tax advisor.

Consignor Checklist

  1. My tags are all the same color, the same size, and are NOT pink. They all have the same color ink.
  2. On items other than clothing, I have used packaging tape on the LEFT side only of my tag (so this can be torn easily at checkout and preserve my code for adding my sales). I did NOT USE tape on shoes!!
  3. I used only WHOLE dollars when writing my prices (no decimal point, no zeros, no dashes after number).
  4. I used a safety pin to attach all my tags to clothing items (the pin should NOT be a small gold one) and my pins are horizontally placed on my items going into the tag and garment and back out to be fastened securely.
  5. My hangers all open to the left (like a ?).
  6. My tags are typed or neatly written, my code is on both sides of the tag in both bottom corners.
  7. All of my Ziploc bags are sealed at the top with packaging tape, the tags are safety pinned or taped to the top center of the bag. If I used Ziplocs for any items that could be stained, I marked the bag $1.
  8. I have separated out all my $1 clothing and items.
  9. I have grouped my clothing for consignment by gender and size.
  10. I have extra tags ready to bring with me to drop off.
Laura Gossett

Contact Laura by email or text (803-221-4258) if you have questions specific to preparing your items for consignment.

Resources for Recalls

Tag Templates

Download our tag templates and get started consigning with Pass It On!

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