Welcome Shoppers!

Whether you are a first-time parent looking for oodles of baby gear or grandparents looking for birthday or holiday gifts or parents looking for great deals on clothes for your children — Pass It On Kidsignment Sale is Aiken’s favorite sale for gently used clothing and items for children and teens!¬† By shopping Pass It On, you will find great deals that save your family money. Beyond that though, when you shop and buy items with pink tags (items that have been donated to our sale), you know that your purchase is supporting families in need in our community. What a win-win: for your pocketbook and for Aiken!

A few tid-bits about Pass It On:

  • It happens twice a year — in the Fall and in the Spring — so you can get everything you need for your kids for all seasons!
  • It is held at Aiken’s First Baptist Church in the Family Life Center on Chesterfield Street.
  • It has been going strong for over 20 years!
  • While it is a great place for deals, Pass It On’s heart is its ministry!

Accepted Payments

At Pass It On Kidsignment Sale, we accept:

  • cash,
  • checks,
  • credit cards, and
  • debit cards.

There is a small convenience fee for using credit and debit cards.¬†These fees are a necessary part of making sure that Pass It On is able to use the same proportion of proceeds to serve the ministries we support, including families in need in our community and Parents’ Day Out at First Baptist Church.

The Ps of Shopping Pass It On Kidsignment Sale!

PARKING: Happy shoppers get grumpy when they return to their car and there’s a ticket on it! To avoid this, if you are not parking in a designated (outlined) parking space, be sure to have two wheels on the road and two wheels on the median. If all four wheels are on the grass within the parkway, you will be ticketed.

PAYMENT: We take cash, check, and credit cards. With credit cards, there is a small fee to make this option available to you for your convenience.

PREPARATION: A few tips!

  • Bring your own shopping bags to save on use of plastic bags which is great for our bottom line and for the planet!
  • Jot down a list of what you are looking for and include sizes.
  • Go ahead and consider donating your hangers back to the sale so we can use them next go round.
  • If you are bringing your kids, think about bringing your smallest stroller or even babywearing as space is tight given the racks and racks of clothes. Or treat yourself and get a partner, friend, grandparent to watch the kids while you enjoy shopping!
  • Food & drink are not allowed in the sale as we want to be good stewards of the facility.

PATIENCE: Our sale has lots of deals and that attracts lots of people and that’s awesome for so many reasons! But it also gets busy and crowded and there are lines. We encourage you to come with a heart and mind prepared with patience so we can all be good neighbors to one another while shopping.

PRAYERS: Please lift up in prayer all of those connected to our sale — the donors, the consignors, the volunteers, those beneficiaries of the charitable work, and you, our shoppers. We can never have too much prayer!

Countdown to our next Sale!

Spring 2019 Dates

Mark your calendars so you don't miss Aiken's favorite sale!

Sale Week (for Volunteers & Consignors)
March 10 – 17

Preview Sale (for Volunteers)
Thursday, March 14 @ 6:30PM

Sale (Open to Public)
Friday, March 15; 9AM – 7PM

1/2 Price Preview Sale (for Volunteers)
Saturday, March 16 @ 7AM

1/2 Price Sale (Open to Public)
Saturday, March 16; 8AM – noon

Find us at First Baptist

Want to shop early?

Beat Friday’s crowds and lines! Volunteers who give just 8 hours during Sale Week are invited to shop early at our Preview Sale on Thursday! We’d love to have you in our Pass It On Family of Volunteers!